How To Start A SEO Business


Back in the day, you can only start a small business if you have thousands of dollars as capital. Now, you can start a business anytime, like a local SEO firm that provides local SEO services, anywhere, because of the power of the internet. If you are a start up business, you do not need to have big clients right away. Do not worry about getting the 'big fish'. What is important is building a good foundation that will eventually take you to the direction that you want for your company. Instead of looking for big clients, focus on making your company professional and sincere in doing your services. This will attract the clients that you want to have. 

To make your small company look big, you should be a company that does not only exist through a website and a contact form. Make your potential clients know that you are there for them by putting up a phone number or an email address. This way, your clients will know that there are people, and not just an auto-generated email, behind the company. Show your office address, if possible, make a map and post it on your website. If you are working from home, you can consider getting a P.O. Box but get one that has an address. Show in your website that you do work with your clients. In the world of web content, clients do not want to be disclosed to the public. However, if you clients don't mind, you can show a quick list of companies that have come to you for help. It is even a way of helping them because you are also promoting their sites on your own website.




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